troubles creating/formatting charts // mulitple data series instead of

    troubles creating/formatting charts // mulitple data series instead of

    Hello everyone,

    I am confused about the behaviour when creating a graph.
    It is quite frankly frustrating.

    When I select the data for the graph, the first line contains the label, the second one the data. The labels are recognized as a seperate data series by Jedox though.
    There is no option, as in Excel for example, to choose seperately the datacells for data and labels.
    I attached a screenshot. Here you can see that Jedox gets the year as a seperate series, as well as the full year description.

    I tried it also with just one line for the label, but the same behaviour occurs.
    Is there a way around it?

    Your help is much appreciated.
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    Sure thing.

    What I am basically missing is something like in Excel, where you can select the cells that should be the label of the axis, the cells that contain the actual data which should be in the data line and for example a title.

    I made a screenshot from excel. There it couldn't be easier, because the program automatically detects what the data is and what are most probably the labels.
    But there you can at least change it, if Excel gets it wrong. I am missing that in Jedox Web and it drives me a bit crazy.

    I'd prefer Web, because it is much faster and I want to give access to the analysis to others who do not have and should not have the Excel Add-in.
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