Learn to make data meaningful

    Learn to make data meaningful

    Hi all!

    I am looking for some help with some quite general questions.

    I would like to learn more about Business Intelligence. In special I want to learn more about how one should design reports, so that the data it provides is easily to read and analyse. I did some quick google searches but ended up realizing that I even do not know what I am actually looking for !

    So I know the main key words are something like the following:
    • BI
    • meaningful data
    • charts
    • data analysis
    • report design
    But to be honest the results were not very satisfying. I am looking for some scientific proof / papers. I know in Jedox there is something like the SUCCESS Charts (inspired by Hichert), but this is not covering all aspects of what i am looking for.

    TLDR: I am looking for (more or less scientific) resources to learn about how I can create dashboards and reports that are meaningfull, interactive...and so on. You could help me by pointing me into the right direction by giving some more key words that I can use for further research. Or it would be perfect if you could provide some references, so that i can go to a library or wherever and get those sources.

    Many thanks!

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    so far I haven't found scientific papers covering all of your above mentioned points in one go.
    But just for the parts of meaningful data and data visualization, you might want to have a look at Edward Tufte. He is a bit too much hyped but should have some helpful pointers.

    Sage Journals offers a multitude of papers, albeit not for free: journals.sagepub.com/home/ivi

    MIT also has a department dedicated to data visualization: massvis.mit.edu/#papers

    For a new ideas and inputs Jonathan Schwabish's Blog could be helpful: policyviz.com/blog/

    If you find good papers, please do share. It is always advantegous to get new input.