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Announcement Jedox R&D is seeking for Solution Developer

0 4,314

Check For value in Cube

6 118

Gerwin Haas

export cell range into excel in a web report

0 35

Insert Element to dimension by report

2 128


Start an ETL Job From a Report

9 237

Gerwin Haas

Creating Validation

7 193

Gerwin Haas

Using palo.eparent in a specific hierarchy or subset

2 287

Gerwin Haas

Reverting Data Entries (Undo) / User Rights

0 73

Dynarange showing element and alias

2 193


PHP Macro to define variable depending on user attribute

2 166


Closed // spider chart / radar chart

0 96

Unlocked Cell - open string editor for entering comments

3 +1 1,000


Displaying a diagram within a DynaRange

0 218

Globale Variable setzen aus Groovy Function

1 692


Control and alter chart objects via PHP macro

4 2,917

Presenting time depending attribute values

0 440

Formatting Data in Charts | Percentages

1 745


Use list ouput in formular

2 943


Macro help, load values from one range to another range in a dynarange

1 698


troubles creating/formatting charts // mulitple data series instead of

4 977


Globalvariables and importance for performance

0 374