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Announcement Jedox R&D is seeking for Solution Developer

0 8,766

Column Chart - set color of each column individually ?

4 1,368


A rule for calculating count of base elements which meet a certain criteria (measure)

3 901


Start macro when cell content changed? or: Execute macro via HYPERLINK? or: Change combobox selection via HYPERLINK?

  • fnsl
  • Joe237
3 4,149


Set value of named range with macro

1 2,603


Copy or splash comments (string measure) from consolidation to base elements

1 734


Find latest date, for which data exists in cube

0 327

How to pass list selection to an Integrator variable?

0 437

Valid range of "numeric" type

0 341

Pareto Chart

1 693


Nest only under base elements

2 1,282


Dimension Link

1 694


Calling client JavaScript from server PHP, display Message Box with Answer

3 3,565


Macro for copy values from one object and szenario to another

4 1,186


Attribute filter in a Subset excluding an element

1 3,860


Upload file by the report

  • MosheA
  • MosheA
0 386

Check For value in Cube

6 1,148

Gerwin Haas

Insert Element to dimension by report

2 741


Start an ETL Job From a Report

9 1,640

Gerwin Haas

Creating Validation

7 973

Gerwin Haas

Using palo.eparent in a specific hierarchy or subset

2 1,695

Gerwin Haas

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