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    I am trying to somehow set a cell as a trigger for my macro. In A1 I have randbetween(10,100) and in macro following statements:

    function __auto() {
    $varvalue = activesheet()->range('A1');
    if ($varvalue->value > '9') {

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    Replied to the thread Execute the Same job by multiple users.

    Hi chrisj, how do exactly do you let the users start the job? Is Company and Department set as variables that are filled in the integrator project? Does the second user get an error message that job is already running? BR Bjoern
  • Bjoern. -

    Replied to the thread Jedox Web Config Database Error.

    Can you see if all the services are still running? Seems like either one of the services is hung up. Either check by the services one by one first or do a restart of the server and see if the web is reachable again. BR Bjoern
  • Bjoern. -

    Replied to the thread Issues with Oracle Connector and/or Oracle Extracts.

    Thanks Belgarion, I assume that the oracle connector in jedox is not equally developped as the MySQL-Connector for example. And I guess that I need to specify jdbc parameters in the connection. But there is no documentation on this whatsoever by…
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  • RolIN -

    Replied to the thread MACRO -> currentuser().

    The answerwas to use a underscore "_" : $user=current_user()
  • belgarion -

    Replied to the thread Issues with Oracle Connector and/or Oracle Extracts.

    Hi Bjoern, 1) I have same problem with end of request, I can't used ";" but without ";" my request works in Jedox. 2) For the date, I use native function from oracle example: SELECT TO_CHAR(SYSDATE, 'dd-MM-YYYY') from YOUR_TABLE result =>…
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