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  • +1 good practice since this is a full standard function

  • rules are objects related to the olap server, whereas web reports are so to say a client for the olap server (even if a web report runs itself on a server) thus the answer is : no. if you want to make rules variable you can throw an eye to the rule templates feature

  • Hi, I would use the palo_datav function to query all the cells you need, iterate over the array that it delivers, and write back using palo_setdata_bulk (which ist more performant for writing back) see the php api for reference

  • Hello, supervisionserver is designed for this purpose. You can watch a slice of the cube and react to the change of a cell within this slice. Say, you change price, then you can fire a script that will write the price in the cube, and calculate the sales using the quantity and commit it to the cube. Now if you change sales you would write the sales, query the quantity and commit it back to the cube also please refer to the knowledgebase as well as the scripts shipped with the jedox installation

  • Check For value in Cube

    laloune - - Jedox Web


    if your goal is only to get the count of the non-zero cells you can also use palo_data_cnt

  • Admin Manual

    laloune - - General


    there is no manual anymore, only the knowledge base :