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  • Hi, one thing you can try might be to run a script (this is also possible in integrator using the Groovy API). When you create a script for dimension contents and include subsets, the xml is "translated" to include element names (i.e. you'd see a CELL_REPLACE script command in the script, and as value the translated xml). If you then re-run this script after modifying your dimension, it is translated back and would overwrite the previous subset xml which used the outdated ID's.

  • Hi, if you right-click a column in a specific chart, you can select the option "Format data series" from the context menu - this allows to e.g. set colors, borders etc. for that specific series.


    dominik_l - - Jedox Excel Add-In


    Hi, in general SETDATA does support usage of copy or like, in the way you used in your example (i.e. setting the full string, the same one you would enter directly as input on a PALO.DATA spreadsheet cell). So in your case, the #VALUE! error probably has a specific cause. A few things you can try: - change the "copy ox" parameter value to some numeric value; if this works, it means the rest of your formula is valid - try entering "copy ox" as direct input on a cell, to ensure the copy operation …

  • Pareto Chart

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    Should be possible, using different chart types for the series in a chart, given that your source data range already contains both the absolutes (for the columns) and the percentages. If done this on the "Top Ten Analysis" report in the MIS Cockpit Demo. Chart Range there would be C10:E34. Change the chart type of the "kum%" series to line. You can play with the axis formatting and label formatting to get the numbers formatted properly. See attached image.

  • If you enable the "Regular expression" option on AFilter, you can try with an expression like this: ^(?!.*DP.*) That would filter anything where DP occurs. This one should filter out exact matches (i.e. where attribute is exactly DP), though I'm not really a RegEx expert: ^(?!DP$).*$

  • Check For value in Cube

    dominik_l - - Jedox Web


    You can try with the php function palo_getdata_export() (see the PHP API documentation in Knowledgebase for details). It allows you to set the option "ignore_empty", meaning it would return you a (potentially long...) list of cell coordinates with values which are not empty.