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  • Hi, you could use the overloaded version of indexOf. This should be working fine, if you are always looking for the same n-th occurence of a char or substring. Source Code (2 lines)Problem is, that there is no ordinaryIndexOf in Groovy.

  • Quote from dominik_l: “Hi, if you right-click a column in a specific chart, you can select the option "Format data series" from the context menu - this allows to e.g. set colors, borders etc. for that specific series. ” If your data source only contains one row but several columns, this information would be true only if your using a clustered column chart with explicitly choosing clustered by columns instead of clustered automatically.

  • You could use a helper function: Source Code (11 lines) And the call would be something like: Source Code (1 line)The new value can be numeric or anthing else.

  • Nest only under base elements

    p.hildebrandt - - Jedox Web


    Probably not the best solution, but you could use HIDEROW() to hide all rows of dynarange line, if the element of dynarange cp is consolidated (using PALO.ECHILDCOUNT). The result would exactly match the picture attached.