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  • Hi, For us the main reasons to maintain several databases are: 1. User rights management (it's far easier to manage users per database then per cube / dimension) 2. Release cycles (often projects have different release cycles which means you can not deploy one project as long another one is used in production that is why we split them up) It's always a tradeoff between maintainability and sync. Keeping several databases in sync is also something that is not as easy as in theory - specifically wh…

  • Excel right vs web

    johmue - - Jedox Excel Add-In


    If you have sufficient licenses you can grant every user two accounts - one for web with high rights and one for excel with limited rights. Since your users seem to be educated and have a demand for limited user rights they could decide how to access the system. The other approach is to route all traffic through a proxy and filter for all API calls which write into the system - all incoming traffic from external IPs is Excel; all traffic on localhost is web and won't be filtered. Obviously this …