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  • Lifetime perspective

    CristianStollberg - - General


    Hi, We are working with business lines (you could call them also Units) that started at different points in time. We would like to be able to compare them from the lifetime perspective (for example, what was their performance in the first three months after they were launched). So the three relevant dimensions used are Date (on month Level), Business line, Measures. What is the best setup in order to achieve the desired lifetime perspective? Thanks and all the best, Cristian

  • WSSE authentication

    CristianStollberg - - Jedox Integrator


    Hi everybody, I am trying to connect to the Emarsys ( REST API. They are using the WSSE authentication, which is not a standard HTTP feature and requires a custom X-WSSE header for each request. Can I still use the REST connection in Jedox? If yes, how do I generate the PasswordDigest based on Nonce and Timestamp and Secret? Thank you in advance, Cristian

  • Hello, I received the following error: "Excel is running into problems with the 'jedox.palo.xladdin.connect' add-in". Furthermore it suggest to deactivate the add-in in case the error pops up repeatedly. Any idea why? Thanks and all the best, Cristian