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  • Hi, thanks for your replay. I solved it: $test = application()-> PALO_ELEMENT_LIST_CHILDREN($Server,"Dimension",$comboboxA); $i=1; foreach($Test as $element) { application()->PALO_SETDATA('Text', 'TRUE', $Server $Cube, $comboboxB, $test , $comboboxC); $i++; } activesheet()->range ('G2')->value = $element; Best Regards

  • Hello to everyone, I have a report whit 3 comboboxes (A, B, C) and one dynarange. In dynarange I see all childrenelements from combobox A. I need to set a value (string) from cell E11 with click on Button "Save" to all elements shown in dynarange. How can I get all children elements from parentelement in combobox and set this value with macro. I tryed this function: $test = application()-> PALO_ELEMENT_LIST_CHILDREN($Server,"Dimension",$comboboxA); application()->PALO_SETDATA('Text', 'TRUE', $Se…

  • Hello, is it posible to use variables from web report (Combobox) in rules? Something like this: ['Bezeichnung'] = B:PALO.DATA("database", "cube", "0", ${cmb_1}, ${cmb_2}, !'Darlehensart', "Bezeichnung") ${cmb_1} - variable1 from web Report ${cmb_2} . variable2 from web Report Thanks in advance

  • Hi laloune, thanks for Your responce. I found another way to do it without building an array. I used copy statement and send it to the database. So i copy all elements: $Copy1 = 'copy "'.$SourceObj.'";"'.$SourceSz.'";Kopiersumme withrules'; application()->PALO_SETDATA($Copy1, 'TRUE', $DB, $Cube1, $TargetObj, $TargetSz, 'Kopiersumme');

  • Hello, I need a help with macro. I have a Report in Jedox Web. It is posible to choose object and szenario. For this object and szenario user can write values. After than it is posible to copy all values from this object and szenario to another object and szenario: object1 and szenario1 copy to object2 and szenario2. At the moment it is realized with ETL Job, but I need to do this with macro. Cube have 5 dimensions: Dim1 Dim_Object (variable - combobox) Dim_Szenario (variable combobox) Dim4 Dim5…