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  • Hi Bjoern, 1) I have same problem with end of request, I can't used ";" but without ";" my request works in Jedox. 2) For the date, I use native function from oracle example: SELECT TO_CHAR(SYSDATE, 'dd-MM-YYYY') from YOUR_TABLE result => 01-07-2020 or with 'YYYYMM' => 202007 I don't know if I help you with that. Regards

  • Hi Brendan, You can create an cube "Open" with flag when the flag is 1 you can unhide combobox or hide if it's 0, with macro when push the button send "1" in cube an the cost centres can view the combobox and approve or back to user. And you can use also open or block cells with conditionnal format with the value 1 or 0 Regards

  • Report designer - access rights

    belgarion - - Jedox Web


    Hello, I don't know if it works but you can try to create an new group with same rights of admin group and add you in this group and try to edit this report. Regards