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  • Hello ! I'm using a PHP file that I call with JS in a macro but I can't have access to any JS library as Jedox or Ext, I don't have access to the widget POV too. How can I get one o those things ? best regard

  • No there is no equivalent of this, you should directly modify the formula of the named range or the value of the named range.

  • Hello ! Spreadsheet name can have different type of value. Some of them depend to the reference. For example if I create a named range with the reference : A1:A2 it will return this kind of object {;}. If I create a named range with the reference : A1:B1 it will return this kind of object {,}. Those two object have their utilies. But in my context I want the second one : {,}. I already know that I could put a PHP function in reference of a named range. When a PHP function return an array object …

  • Here's an efficient way to retireve base element and consolidate element from a select element in a dimension : PHP Source Code (17 lines) This code allow you to have base element AND consolidate element. Here's an example with the Demo database(so you can test it): base_cons_el("Demo","Versions","All Versions"); It will return only one consolidate element and 7 base element. This example is good because some of base element aren't below the same parent so this example proove that even if there …

  • Here's the solution : palo_init($_JEDOX['OLAP_HOST'], $_JEDOX['OLAP_PORT'], $_JEDOX['OLAP_SESSION_ID']) No need for password or username

  • Hi ! Very interesting function but I don't think I will use a widget because my first goal is about hidding of showing a button if there is hold on a certain cube. So I can't use those function. But I think you could help me to find where those function are defined, maybe I can call them if they are in sencha library. ! update: Those function are in PHP and are define in a php file call jedox.php located in a folder called base(on the localhost). I will try to see if it's possible to import it !

  • Hello ! I need to use this function : palo_cube_holds this function use the ressources_id in the parameter. This id is provide by the function palo.init, but this function works only if the user put directly his password in the code. It's very dangerous to do this type of practices and I want to know if there is any possibility to get the ressource_id that allow me to get rid of the palo.init or a way to retrieve dynamically my user password without write directly in the code. By the way if you …

  • This function doesn' work like I want because when I request =PALO.EPREV("localhost/Demo","Regions","Europe") it return a consolidate element and not a base element. I want to have a way to retrieve base element with the top element or with nothing.

  • Hello ! Is there any possibility to request the first leaf of a dimension ? Even if I change the dimension architecture I want to retrieve the name of one of the base element, any of them. Is it possible ?

  • Here's the path : /user_data/data/etl_data/files/ EDIT: That's not the path in fact. You have to request the support to ask them to fix this problem for you, and they will fix it on each instance of jedox your using. I'm using 2021.1

  • Hello ! I using the new cloud architecture. And I have a report with a widget that allow me to upload file on cloud serveur and then once the file is upload on the server I can use it on an ETL job. But with the new architecture I can't, because I don't know the path to access to the folder that use file in ETL job. The ETL job throw me an error : File /opt/jdx/tomcat/webapps/etlserver/data/files/my_file_test.xlsx does not exist. If this file is created in a load, the warning can be ignored. Aft…

  • I tried to use a stored subset with a variable(a range named) and it work pretty well when I try to paste the subset on the sheet. But when I try to use the subset in a PALO.ESELECT it doesn't work and jedox returning a error message like this: "Code: 1 - Variables missing during subset calculation, subset probably changed meanwhile." What should I do ? PS: it work on excel add-in but not on jedox web

  • (thread moved to Jedox Web)

  • Hello ! Border option is about cell's border, in my problem I just want a vertical text alignment. I will show you with excel check the attachement as an example.

  • IIPT = Is It Possible To I want to have vertical-align on a cell but even with a macro that change the style and the format of a cell it doesn't work ! Here's the code : PHP Source Code (4 lines)I add background-color to show you that macro react to background-color but not to vertical-align... Why ? Is there any solution about that ?

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    I think it could be possible if you do it with a widget. Because widget could retrieve data from the sheet(you can place on the sheet the data for the csv) then you can code a little of php to get construct the csv file(I think) and then propose to the user to save the file. I didn't check if it possible but I think it's a good clue to solve this problem best regards

  • Mmmmh very interesting way to see things ! I will try it ! Thanks for your advise !

  • Ok I found a solution ! First you have to define your array colors, it's an array with color code in hexadecimal like this ["#51b5ce", "#89c733", "#54a329","#2f7ed8", "#0d233a", "#8bbc21", "#910000", "#1aadce", "#492970", "#f28f43", "#77a1e5", "#c42525", "#a6c96a"] and then you have to put series.color at null for each series. Here's my "Diff" that show all modification bring to the chart json: JavaScript Source Code (33 lines)you can copy paste it on your diff then make the modification on the …

  • Hi ! Thanks for your answer, but when I talk about palette I mean those palette in Series "tab" on cluster column chart for example: Shoal, Hydro, Copa, Office, Apex, Aspect, Chaplin and CUSTOM. But the custom one return nothing, and each Time I try to use it it desappear when I click "OK" to validate my change in the chart. On Highchart library I tried to search something about it but even the attribute "colors" placed in the root returning an array of colors correpsonding to a palette doesn't …

  • Hi ! I want to change the custom palette to change the color of any of my chart. I don't really like the default palette, there no many choice and they are pretty ugly. So what should I do to change the custom palette ? best regards