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  • Hello everyone, I would like to ask if there is any way to change the timeout setting for Jedox Web. I have a most recent version of Jedox installed on local server (not cloud) and I am not able to find configuration file where timeout setting is adjusted. After opening a Jedox dashboard and setting auto refresh to every 1minute, I noticed I am getting "server unreachable https" error message after 2 hours of complete inactivity, so the timeout is set to 2 hours? Is there any configuration file …

  • on a date range

    sebkos - - Jedox Web


    Hello everyone, I am having problems with performance of my current calculations and I'm seeking for any help with improving it. So the problem is I have to calculate an average of Product weight for a given date range, however in single day, product can be produced up to 3 times (3 shifts a day). I've been trying to use PALO.DATA.AVG, however I cannot make it to work on an array of days. What I am doing right now is I'm getting total weight from an array of days using SUM(PALO.DATAV()) and then…