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How to retrieve all warnings at the end of a job or get all warnings from an already finished job ?

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How to retieve the id of the button I clicked on, in PHP code ?

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Which version of Azure blob storage jar is compatible with jedox (in groovy)?

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Is it possible to create a connexion between Jedox and an Azure Blob Storage ? If yes, then how ?

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How to import the JS library and context in PHP file ?

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Is there any PHP object equivalent to {value1,..,valuen} in the spreadsheet named range ?

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How to use palo library without using password or get the password of the actual session dynamically ?

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PALO FUNCTION allow to request leaves

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How to access to the file system in the Integrator in Cloud Infrastructure ?

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How to use stored subset with variables in PALO.ESELECT ?

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How to use stored subset with variables in PALO.ESELECT ?

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[IIPT] Put vertical-align on a cell ?

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How to configure the custom palette(colors for graph series) ?

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[IIPT] Change cell's background color when the user fill a cell on the same line ?

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