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  • Hi everyone, I know that there are issues with the number formatting regarding a drill-through download from a jedox view (…rill-through-jedox-views/). I thought I might not have this problem using the drill-through option in Excel. Unfortunately even though it´d automatically save the drill-through file as a ".xlsx" numbers are not displayed correctly. I use the german Excel Version and get the numbers shown with a "." instead of a comma so I can´t calculate with t…

  • Thank you so much for all your help!

  • Hi there, I have cells that contain several "-" and want to get as a result only the characters on the left side of third "-". For example: My value is: 123-456-789-111-222 --> result should be: 123-456-789 I know exactly how to do it with Excel formulas and tried with a groovy but it doesn´t work.. I know I can use several split formulas but I´d like to have an easier solution using just one function. Can anyone help me please?

  • This helps a lot - thanks! It works perfectly now!!

  • Thanks for your answer! Sorry I didn´t make myself clear in the first step. I found that solution myself, there is also an article in the knowledgebase (…menu-tools-form-elements/ ) but I don´t know how to integrate the array function in a Is it possible at all?

  • Hi there, is it possible to use a list box without a dynarange? I read that it should be used with a dynarange (…e/report-list-dynaranges/ ) but I´d like to use it in a formula without a dynarange. Thanks in advance. Sara

  • Hi there, thanks for your answers and suggestions. I found a solution by using a success chart.

  • Hi everyone, is there an option to set different colors for columns in a chart (one row only not several)? We have certain colors defined for example for ACT = white with black border, PLAN = grey and so on.. I´d like to use these in my column chart but can´t find a way to set the color on each column individually. Do you have any ideas that might help? Thanks in advance! Sara

  • Hi Jedox Users, this might not be a problem but a general question about databases in Jedox. What pros or cons are there using several databases in Jedox? At the moment we have one Jedox connection with one database. But as we have many dimensions and cubes it gets more and more difficult to use the "right" dimensions in cubes, e.g. we have 5 different "commodity" dimensions alone for sales, production and quality department and in every dimensions another hierarchy (in some as well parallel hie…

  • Hi Jedox Community, I´d like to set an attribute filter in a dynarange subset. It should exclude all elements that have "DP" as an attribute. I tried several expressions but none worked... Screenshot is attached. What is the correct expression or operator? Thanks in advance for your help. Sara

  • Thanks for your answers! I will try the supervision server solution

  • Hi Gerwin, thanks for your answer. I already built a Business Rule saying Price = Sales / Quantity. If I want to increase Sales now the price will increase as well - but I´d like to stay the price the same and increase the quanity... Otherwise I´d like to increase the quanity and sales should be increased not the price.. Can I define a hold on a rule based element? Or do you have any other ideas? Thanks & Regards Sara

  • Dear Jedox Community, this might be a relatively simple question for some of you but I just don´t get it at the moment. Our users shall plan sales figures and/or quanities - either way the other KPI should be calculated with the price staying the same. The logic is simple: Sales = Quantity x Price So if e.g. Price = 2 --> User plans quantity = 10 --> automatically sales is set to 20 alternatively: Price = 2 --> User plans sales = 200 --> automatically quantity is set to 100 How can I reproduce t…