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    StephenJK - - Jedox Integrator


    Hi Shawn, You can incorporate business rules through integrator processes, but it is in a much different manner. For example, calculating payroll tax based on wages in a P&L report. In rules - you would directly reference the wages. Payroll Tax = Wages * Payroll Tax % In the integrator, you would create a process which extracts the wages element, in a transform multiply it by the payroll tax % and load it back into the payroll element. The advantage of rules is that you can see it calculate live…

  • Ahhh, of course. You do need to extract only bases for it to work. As for how to handle dimensions of such size though I am not sure.

  • Hi Emil, You could do this via an ETL process of: Step 1: Extract the 2 cubes Step 2: Use a table join transformation referring to each cube, and joining with the conditions of Time, Product and Region being equal Step 3: Use a field transform, referring to the table join. In here there are many options in which you can manipulate the data. If you create a new 'Function' and select the 'Groovy' type (which is a programming language) Step 4: In the function editor, choose the 'Price' and 'Quantit…