Assistance in convert macro to rule

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    • Assistance in convert macro to rule

      I have been beating my head against the wall trying to convert the macro/function (DistrMth) attached to the following excel file to a rule. The function gives the percentage spread for the value (in column I) for the year to the respective months based on the frequency (in column H) and first month of distribution (in column J). I have the following dimensions(elements below)
      list of various activity
      • Quantity
      • Rate
      • Frequency
      • Value
      • 1st Month
      • Monthly Distribution

      • JAN
      • FEB
      • MAR
      • APR
      • MAY
      • JUN
      • JUL
      • AUG
      • SEP
      • OCT
      • NOV
      • DEC

      My main problem in the rule is how to compare the 1st Month element with the current month.
      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.