Trying to run the importDrillthrough example

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    • Trying to run the importDrillthrough example


      I'm using PALO Server 2.5 and PALO-ETL Server 1.0. I tried running the sample XML import script importDrillthrough.xml using the following commands:

      etlclient -s localhost -a .\samples\importDrillthrough
      etlclient -s localhost -p importDrillthrough

      The Database and its data are successfully created in PALO Server. I was hoping to see an additional field (for Drillthrought) like Date, Artikel and SalesDocNr as defined as <info> in the xml-Script but unfortunately I can't find those fields - only upto CustormerID or CustomerName and its corresponding values. Anything i'm doing wrong here during import?

      Any help is highly appreciated

    • RE: Trying to run the importDrillthrough example

      Your commands are correct. The additional fields (as defined with <info>) are not imported to the Palo database, only to the internal persistency of the Palo ETL Server, a Derby DB. They can be retrieved from the ETL Server with the API call drillthrough.

      The Drillthrough from Palo Server is only working in combination with the Supervision Server from Jedox, so you have to install it when you want to do Drillthrough from the Palo Excel AddIn.

    • RE: Trying to run the importDrillthrough example

      Hi Andreas,

      thanks for your reply. I'm quite new to PALO / ETL Server. You've mentioned about retrieving defined <info> items thru API Call. How can I do that? are there any examples on how to do it?

      Regarding the Supervision Server, is there any test-version on this? or one has to buy this software?

      Thanks and regards
    • Hi,
      there is an example project definition "importBikerDrillthrough" delivered with Palo ETL Server 1.1 that you have to execute in Client-Server-Mode. This should explain how it works. Then, you can retrieve the data extracted from the source file with the ETL-API-call drillThrough.

      If you want to use DrillThrough from Palo 2.5 ExcelAddIn you need Supervision Server. Please contact Jedox at regarding a test licence for it.

      Kind regards,