multi-user problems

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  • multi-user problems

    i have installed PALO on my computer and inserted some dimensions and data.

    Another user tries to connect to my PALO server , but he just can see the dimensions in the modeller.
    If he tries to see the data with the PasteData function, no data is shown.

    The other user user is in another network connected by WAN.
    We are using Windows2000 and Excel2000.
    Where is the problem ?

    (sorry for my terrible english)

    With regards

  • RE: multi-user problems

    Originally posted by yoko71
    Another user tries to connect to my PALO server , but he just can see the dimensions in the modeller.

    Just can't see dimensions or is he unable to connect to the server at al? Did you made any adjustments in config.xml?
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  • hello again,

    On my computer i have changed the servername from "localhost" to my real computername in the network. Do I have to change it also on the client ?

    On the client I just have registered a new server (my computername) and the client is able to connect to this server. In the modeller , the client is able to view the dimensions.

    He just can't get any data by DATAC or any other function.

    Thanx for support.

  • I also made a test of using the palo service in multi-user mode. First from EXCEL (paste view) on the same PC than the local palo server and second from an other PC in intranet mode (the apache server being on the same first PC) with the php example. At first it seemed to work fine (long response times since the database is large), but afterwards nothing was working anymore. The palo service was still running but I could not even get to the open EXCEL worksheet. I had to stop EXCEL altogether (from the task manager) and restart the EXCEL plug-in. It seems to work again (even in multi mode).
  • Hello,

    I, too have had problems with the modeller, seing nothing sometimes of a database dimensions !

    What happens in the palo server in case of concurrent accesses to the same cube? Really concurrent accesses ? or requests handled one after the other ? or one of the requests rejected ? Is there a limit in the number of requests that can be handled at the same time? does it only depend of the memory or CPU ressources ? Are the local window server and the linux server differents ? Is there a different behaviour if there is an update or not ?

    I have tested php accesses (without update) on XP with a not too little but not too sparse cube: the apache an palo services each used about 25 % of the CPU from 1 to 2 seconds at the utmost to handle each request.