Problem: Import using ETL-Server with text/String

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    • Problem: Import using ETL-Server with text/String


      I'm currently using ETL-Server 1.0 and PALO 2.5 importing my data from MS-SQL to PALO-Server. One dimension called "Measure" includes the following elements:

      1) Current Month's Value
      2) Previous Month's Value
      3) Plan
      4) Comments

      The Current Month's Value was successfully imported and in fact I was able to display it in my Excel worksheet. My problem is how to get the Previous Month's Value (e.g. Current is June and Previous should point to May). It should be automatic, meaning once I change the current month to July, the previous should be automatically pointed to June. Is this doable in PALO? Is there any way of doing it?

      Another problem I encnountered during Import over ETL is that COMMENTS (which is defined under <measures> tag) always returns an error: "Failed to insert "<comments contents>" into target IODB.........Invalid character string format for type DOUBLE....Comments is set to text.....

      Hope you can help me...thanks and regards
    • RE: Problem: Import using ETL-Server with text/String

      Do you realy need a previous month element in your measure dimension? As you successfully import every month you got access to the previous month values by just changing the "month" element in your view.

      Make Comments a string element, using Excel AddIn e.g. by right clicking on Comments element in viewer and choosing "String" instead of "numeric".


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    • You can retrieve a previous month's name dynamically in a spreasdheet by using an eprev formula like this


      This then means, here, that by selecting a month in A6 you can see the previous month as a label in the cell where your "eprev" formula is.

      You can use this in turn to in a formula to retrieve the value.

      You can set up some nice dynamic sheets like this, but be careful not to overwrite them by selecting another view.

      From memory, if you replace the automated formulae in the row and column headers with simple "ename" formulae you disable the view recreate functionality, but maybe someone can confirm that.
      Best wishes

      John Hobson
      The Planning Factory, Lytham, UK
    • RE: Problem: Import using ETL-Server with text/String

      Hi Holger,

      thank you for ur reply and suggestion but it seems I got the same error message during import thru ETL-Server. This is how my table from MS-SQL looks like:

      Date | Item | Value1 | Value2 | Value2 | Comment

      Date and Item are defined as dimension separately. Value1, Value2 and Value3 are Elements in one Dimension called Measures, which are defined using <measures> tag in ETL-Server. I guess the problem here is that I attempt and include the "COMMENT" in the dimension MEASURES, which are of course in numbers, guess thats the reason I have this Error-Message during importing: "Failed to insert "<comments contents>" into target IODB.........Invalid character string format for type DOUBLE..

      IS there a way to make <measure> tag accept string entries for my COMMENTS? or any other way to make Comments imported in PALO?

      Thanks and regards
    • Hello,

      The creation of Texts/Comments in a Palo Cube will be possible with Palo ETL Server Release 1.1. There will be a specific parameter "elementType" in the Export of a Dimension which has to be set to "text". This will create all Elements with type String. If you have mixed String/Numeric dimensions as the Measure-Dimension in your Example, you have to perform to separate Dimension-Exports.

      Hope this helps,