Rules in attribute cube

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    • Rules in attribute cube


      Is it possible to have rules in an attribute cube


      Attribute = Lead Time Days = 70

      Attribute = Lead Time Weeks = Lead Time Days / 7

      Attribute cubes seem to live in an odd of sort of limbo.

      They are not exposed to create rule files, but numeric attributes consolidate like other cubes. Also they are not exposed to the rule wizard (which is a PITA). (unless of course there is a TM1 like setting "Display Control Objects" which i have missed?)

      Best wishes

      John Hobson
      The Planning Factory, Lytham, UK

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    • RE: Rules in attribute cube

      Hi John,

      you can launch the rule editor for attribute cubes by context menu.

      You can switch between 'normal', Rights and Attributes with buttons on bottom right corner of the dimension overview in modeller.

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