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  • Palo PHP API


    I try to get the Palo PHP API working.

    I'm using Palo 2.5 standalone server on a Windows XP system.
    For the PHP API I use the new Palo SDK (
    As PHP surrounding I use a new XAMPP implementation with PHP5.

    I copied the php_jedox_palo.dll to the php/ext directory and the
    libconnectionpool.dll and the libpalo_ng.dll to the apache/bin directory. I also
    added the line
    extension=php_jedox_palo.dll in my php.ini file.

    Now to my problem: As soon as I start the server I get the error message
    ...can't find icuuc40.dll .... new installation may solve this problem.
    This message is given twice.
    The server is running, but I can't connect to my Palo-Server.

    On a Windows2000 system I've done the same installation and everything works fine.
    Is there any recommendation to solve this problem?


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