"Global" rules

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    • "Global" rules

      Still struggling with rules.

      If the following seems obvious, forgive me.

      Rules are defined at the cube level - but in my "model" of reality some "rules" are true for a particular dimension for all cubes (e.g. VAT is always 17.5% of home sales).

      Can I define rules at the dimension level or perhaps even the database level for "constants".
    • Hi shiney,

      Rules always apply to a cube. If the same logic is required for all cubes, you need to copy the rules to all cubes.
      A set of "global rules" is a nice thought though, but this could only work for 'internal' notation rules (square brackets: type [] = []). If you have rules with an 'external' style rule (like [] = PALO.DATA("thiscube", ...)) the difference in dimensionality of the various cubes will become a problem.

      Of course copying rules to a cube is a one off. So this will only be a bit more time consuming in the development phase.