Problems in rules with consolidation priority

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    • Problems in rules with consolidation priority


      I use formulas in a cube for measures, that have to be calculated otherwise in aggrecations/consolidations. A little example:

      [revenue]=[unit price]*[units]

      [unit price] and [units] are input values, set by users (e.g. manually).

      In consolidation elements I have to calculate the weighted [unit price]. So I create a new formula vor consolidated calculations. Now I have these formulas:

      [revenue]=N:[unit price]*[units]
      [unit price]=C:[revenue]/[units]

      Now I have the problem, that in consolidated elements I get '#NULL' for [unit price] instead of the calculated measure. It seems like the database gets a deadlock or something like that.

      Does anybody knows, how I can get solved this problem?

      Thank you very much.
    • RE: I think it's solved

      Hi Rapid

      If those were your only 2 rules then the order is immaterial as they are mutually exclusive.

      I use this type of rule combination all the time in TM1 and have managed to make it work quite happily in my Palo conversions.

      FYI if you want to splash into the Price field at a summary level you must use "#%number" and then it will work fine.

      So if you have a consolidated planned price of 50 and you want to increase your planned price by 10% then entering #%55 will work just fine, )whereas #55 will split 55 amomgst the childern and return a wrong answer.)
      Best wishes

      John Hobson
      The Planning Factory, Lytham, UK
    • Hi Pommie

      Thank you for the hints. It's everytime good to know :-)!! Now I have some differences in the construct of formulas because I like to calculate on several steps with factors. In aggregations it's now difficult, to rebuild the weighted factors.... But now I have to solve this myself...

      Thanks and greets :)