Calculated Measures

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  • Calculated Measures


    the idea of Palo is promising. In the moment we use Access as a
    datamart and Excel Pivot functions for viewing and aggregating.

    But performance decreases enormously when you add calculated measures,
    for instance you have the measures budget and actual - and want to
    show also the difference between them.

    So, is Palo able to calculate Measures?


  • RE: Calculated Measures

    Hello Stefan,

    yes Palo can! If you take a look at our demo data you will see exactly what you are asking for: The element 'Variance' in dimension 'Datatypes' is a consolidated one, calculating the difference between 'Budget' and 'Actual'. More sophisticated calculations will be available in future versions (Server rules), but beyond that a lot of things is possible already now through the PALO.SETDATA() function which writes to the cube anything you can accomplish to calculate in Excel.


    Palo QA