How to set up Palo & PHP

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  • How to set up Palo & PHP


    I'm trying to figure out how to set up my webserver to connect to Palo.

    I'm using xmapplite 1.6.7 with PHP5.x on Windows XP

    So far I did the following steps:
    - Copying the file 'php_jedox_palo.dll' into the folder '\xampplite\php\ext\'
    - Adding the line 'extension=php_jedox_palo.dll' to the php.ini
    - Restarting the server

    Whenever I run one of the examples i get an error
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function palo_register_server()

    I guess I also have to copy the files 'libconnectionpool.dll' and 'libpalo_ng.dll' to some directory, but where? They are already in my systems32 (from installing Palo itself i guess).
    Do I also have to add a module to the apache directory?

    Some advice would be very appreciated.