Error Message: unknown source cube '30' in database

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    • Error Message: unknown source cube '30' in database


      this one is only slighlty related to java api I think:

      When connecting to PALO server via palo java api, I got a console error message "view(1226926093266): unknown source cube '30' in database 'xyz'".

      There is no respective log entry in paloserver log.

      This happended after I deleted a cube via Excel AddIn GUI.

      Checked the database.csv and yes there is no cube 30. List of cube is like
      28; cube1
      29; cube2
      31; cube3

      Any idea how to fix this?

      Rest of my code works well, I only got this annoying message everytime I connect.

    • RE: Error Message: unknown source cube '30' in database

      Hi Holger,

      the problem is that currently views are JPalo only! (This may change in future...)
      However, if you delete a cube (or anything else) within the excel client JPalo doesn't get informed (if JPalo client isn't running), so the view still references the deleted cube. To get rid of the error message simply delete the view via JPalo.

      Kind regards,
    • RE: Error Message: unknown source cube '30' in database

      Hi Holger.

      assuming that 'Demo' is the database containing the invalid view, you can try the following:

      Source Code

      1. Database demo = conn.getDatabaseByName("Demo");
      2. Dimension views = demo.getDimensionByName("#viewrows");
      3. Element view = views.getElementByName("1226926093266");
      4. views.removeElement(view);

      Please note that #viewrows is an internal (system) dimension and shouldn't be modified directly, but if you know what you are doing ;)

      Kind regards,