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    Thank you for the link and advice. Can you give me some links with examples how to do my own areas in Excel and have it colored from data in Excel because I didn't work with this stuff before.And the tools on the link that you sent me is for MS excel 2000. I am working with MS excel 2003 and 2007 and I need english and serbian versions only.Other languages can't help me much.


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    Hi Sava,

    The way to draw a map depends on your source data for the map.

    The map in the Worksheetserver example you point to, is just a coarse polygon shape defined within Worksheet Server, this has nothing to do with publishing geographic maps in Excel.

    If you want to publish geographic data within Excel, then you might want to have a look at integrating Google maps within Excel. See and

    If real geographic data is your format and you want to define your own areas, than look at mapserver; But this is not integrated with Excel. However in the past I have integrated mapserver with Worksheetserver to publish excel sheets on the web integrated with real geographic data.

    Henk Scholten

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    Hello Sava,

    As one of the oldest Palo partners (one of the first two non-german coming to the first Jedox user conference), we developped 3 solutions around Excel and Olap. The one you are looking for is named : "BeGraphic".

    BeGraphic is an Excel add-in designed to build custom maps,
    but also new generation graphics, dynamic diagrams, animated flowcharts, interactive drawings, BSC strategic maps... and even makes meaningful dynamic visualizations inside PowerPoint.

    With this tool, not only you can animate home-made maps (colors, borders, size, rotation, movement... ), but also build the ever most powerful data visualization "Napoleon's march" (elected by the Graphic Guru: Edward Tufte, claimed to be ”The Leonardo da Vinci of Data” according to the New York Times).

    As the dedicated website is not finished, just email us if you want to test it.
    email :

    This certainly looks interesting. Will it be designed to work with worksheet server? I can't wait for this to be availble to test it out!

    This certainly has given me some ideas as to how I will design my new lot of reporting.

    I am assuming that this thing will be able to create "Heat Maps?" How will it get around the fact that the older excels only has a basic 20 colours structure?



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    Thank you for your enthusiasm.

    We work hard to add some functionality in Excel and Powerpoint before adding features to the Web.

    To answer your questions, we know how to make Heat maps, but please eMail us at to precise your needs.

    Our line is to stick to your Excel version, that is to say 64 colors inside Excel 2003 and no limits in Excel 2007. Color coding on more than 10 colors might be difficult for users.