palo php API on ubuntu?

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  • palo php API on ubuntu?

    any body know what version of palo sdk that can work fine php 5 on ubuntu?

    i mean some body was trying on linux......what the web server?what version of palo sdk that is work on ubuntu?

    i was try with xampp 1.6.7 with palo SDK 20080118_1000 and the new one but it cant work....

    first i use extension from palo that is , put it to the extension directory and config it on php.ini and on root/lib/ on
    running xampp is fine no warning and running palo is fine also...

    when i open it my program is fine like this pic

    when i click the link "olap crosstab" , i cant enter that page...but it show me to open with or save the page, i dont understand why it's come like this...with this pic it's more easy to understand

    the link olap crosstab that is use extension
    what thats mean?if the extension is not work or what?