Python Palo Interface - new release

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  • Python Palo Interface - new release

    Hi all,

    if someone had tried my wrapper, here's the new version of Python Palo Interface. I fixed some bug and added methods for create cube and dimension from scratch.

    I would appreciate very much if anybody let me known their opinion on my wrapper.



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  • RE: Python Palo Interface - new release

    ... and use python for proceedings ETL. Mainly I use the wrapper to transfer data from a datawarehouse to Palo dbs, and vice versa.

    Hi, Fabio! Can you please tell more about your ETL Python experience (tools, algorithms, caveats)?
    I'm working on little"BI" system for our project and considering using Infobright Community Edition as data warehouse, palo as olap server, and python for etl and reporting, but where is a lack of information about this on the Internet :(

    I will be very appreciated for your help
  • RE: Python Palo Interface - new release

    I zzr,

    as you, I work on a small BI system with MySQL as DW and Palo as OLAP server. I use Palo only to provide data to excel application. As I wrote, I use python for proceeding ETL, but I don't use a specific tool.
    For some moth I've been trying to use SQLAlchemy - a python object Relational mapper (something like Hibernate) - and my first impression is very good. I did some test for putting togheter SQLAlchmey and my wrapper and the results are very promising. I never use python for reporting, but it seems that the best product is Reportlab.

    I hope to have been useful.

  • RE: Python Palo Interface - new release


    Your wrapper is FANTASTIC. I have been using it intensively over the past few weeks with Python 2.7.1 . Error free and far better to work with than the ETL server (doesn't crash!). Btw in combination with NumPy and other libraries allows endless ways to process data....

    Thanks once again.

  • Python Palo Interface - bug fix

    This is a bug fix release.

    Thanks to Brad: "I believe it is based on the number of connections. Your code works great and is well written... after doing some searches it looks like the problem is with urllib2 which has issues with threads and creates a separate connection with each call. Eventually the ports fill up and it throws the error (I found the same stack overflow article and some others that support this theory). I'm going to try to rewrite the code using urllib3 and see if it solves my problem" and "Upgrading to urllib3 did the trick (urllib3 handles threads and doesn't leave ports open like urllib2).
    I took the liberty of renaming everything 'Palo' to 'Jedox' to keep things straight. Other than that it was a minor modification. The important part is the api interface you wrote which remained the same
    with one exception. Urllib3 uses .data rather than .read() to retrieve the response. Not much else to report. It works for my test script where urllib2 problem solved (at least for now).

  • Python Palo Interface 2

    Hi, everybody!

    About two years ago I read this thread. I needed python palo interface. And provided interface helped me much to start develop my own wrapper. I somehow finished my wrapper about a year ago. I can see that provided wrapper is still being downloaded. That is why I decided to upload my wrapper to this forum. You can use it by copying pypalo27 or pypalo33 folder (depends on your python version) to your python modules folder. Unfortunately, there is no documentation except short comments in the functions and classes code.

    P.S. Module depends on some other modules like xlrd, xlwt, numpy, but for basic functions this can be avoided. Other modules like urllib3 are the must.
    Please, feel free to contact me in case you have any questions.