Import values from MySQL

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  • Import values from MySQL

    Hi, I'm new from Palo and I need to pass some values to Palo Server from a database MySQL, I tried whit a DB called prueba, whit a table called prueba an this has the next characteristics:

    anio, mes, tipo, valor,
    whit the next values:

    2007, jan, turnover, 900
    2007, jan, cost, 500
    2008, mar, cost, 4711
    2009, apr, cost, 200

    I had created the database MYDB, whit a cube called cube, this cube has 3 Dimensions: Year, Month, DataType.

    Year has 2007, 2008,2009
    Month has Jan to Dec
    DataType has turnover, cost

    When I paste view I set Year at columns and DataType in rows,

    I've tried put the values whith the next function:


    (this is in another spreedsheet), and when I return the values didn´t change, when I clcik there, they change and show me #N/A.

    What am I doing wrong??

    Thanks to everybody!!
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  • RE: Import values from MySQL

    I think its not allowed to use range expressions for the cell coordinate so it must be

    A1,B1,C1 instead of A1:C1:

    ...and I not sure if FALSE is right (for example in german Excel we use FALSCH).

    ...and all of your elements must be numeric type because you want to save numbers.

    Check these things out. Hope this helps.