PALO.EADD. formula

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  • PALO.EADD. formula

    When I am using the PALO.EADD function. How does it work?

    My parameter says do NOT delete the dimension.

    Now I import a list with cost units.

    The first cost unit is still in the system. So my IF;THAN-function do not activate the PALO.EADD function.

    The second cost unit is not in the system. The IF;THAN-function activate the PALO.EADD.

    How will my parameter works? Does it say ADD or DELETE the dimension?
  • RE: PALO.EADD. formula


    Just use True when loading the first record If you want to clear the dimension altogether (and globally) before beginning to update it (just be sure that some other cube already loaded do not use that dimension...

    Next just use False when updating that dimension even if the element is already in the dimension (you can change its parent in the dimension hierarchy or not change anything); of course if you if not change anything, and if you know for sure that the element is already in that dimension, it is quicker not to use EADD again for this element at all (you can test if the element's value is the same than in the last record..).