Loading Data to Palo MOLAP with Talend

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  • Loading Data to Palo MOLAP with Talend

    Hi dear all together,

    we have here at our project a problem with connecting a database to a Palo MOLAP Server.
    Our data will come from a MS SQL Server 2005 and should be written in a Cube based up on a Palo 2.5 Windows Server.
    We have no problems with connecting to the MS-SQL Server and the Palo Server is running too.

    At the Palo Server we created first a new Database ("mmc_v1") with the Palo Client. There we created the dimensions with the same name like the tables ("Konzern_ID" and "Firma_ID") in the MS SQL Server.
    Next step was to create a cube ("konzern") with the both dimension above.

    Back to Talend Studio we designed a job which should get directly the data and write it to Palo.

    If we want to run the job, we get follow error:

    Starte Job mmc_v1 am 16:49 16/03/2009.
    [statistics] connecting to socket on port 3764
    [statistics] connected
    Exception in component tPaloOutput_1
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: not the correct amount of dimensions : not the correct amount of dimensions (Error -27)
    at org.talend.palo.paloIXData.setDataX(Native Method)
    at org.talend.palo.paloIXData.setData(paloIXData.java:72)
    at mmc_v1.mmc_v1_0_1.mmc_v1.tMSSqlInput_1Process(mmc_v1.java:473)
    at mmc_v1.mmc_v1_0_1.mmc_v1.runJobInTOS(mmc_v1.java:657)
    at mmc_v1.mmc_v1_0_1.mmc_v1.main(mmc_v1.java:568)
    [statistics] disconnected
    Job mmc_v1 endet am 16:49 16/03/2009. [exit code=1]

    Can somebody help with this problem?
    Thanks in advance!

    Our System:
    -> Win2k3 Server
    - Palo Server 2.5
    - Talend Studio 3.1.0 M1
    - Palo Client (to see the MOLAP)
    - SpagoBI 2.0
    -> Win2k3 Server
    - MS SQL Server 2005
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  • RE: Loading Data to Palo MOLAP with Talend

    Hi MMC,

    please check the number of dimensions inside your cube. It must be the same like the columns you transfer to the palo Cube. Further you have to add one measure column!
    Your post on our forum (talendforge.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=5840) shows me that the column for the measure is missing. If you have no measure inside your process and you want only create an empty cube please add a dummy column(Name=Measure, Type=double) with the tMap component. This new Measure-Column has to be selected inside the tPaloOutput Component as "Column as Measure".

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