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  • Data Information


    I have data that looks like this...

    ID - Client ---- Representative
    100 Company 1 John P.
    110 Company 2 Alice D.
    200 Company 3 Alfred V.
    220 Company 4 Richard G.

    These are the clients and they should be placed in the Clients Dimension?!?

    When I want to display sales for "company 1", I also need to display its corresponding representative. How will I do it? What is the OLAP term for what I want to do?

    Thanks a bunch!
  • RE: Data Information


    You can put clients and representatives in the same dimension (two EADD commands for one record) with the representative being the client's parent (while the representative has no parent).

    Next you select the second level of that dimension (in paste view) to show only the clients and you use the EPARENT formula in your excel spreasheet to show the client's representative.

    You can either identify your client and representative with ID+name in that dimension (simpler) or identify with ID only and put the names in a cube (better).