method getCubeInfos() not found

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    • method getCubeInfos() not found

      Hi @all,
      I'm trying to develop a java applet which can show some properties of a cube. With the ConnectionFactoryClass of the org.palo.api I can connect to the database. But how to retrieve information about the cubes inside the database???
      In the PaloJavaAPI documention I've found that the class named "HttpClient" has a method "getCubeInfos()" that returns the needed information. But after importing the class "com.tensegrity.palojava.http.HttpClient" in my applet, the method "getCubeInfos()" is not inside this class. Is this a bug in the documention or is this a mistake on myside?
      I'm using the PaloJavaAPI version (sorry).
      Thanks for your suggestions!
      Wer Fehler findet darf sie behalten ;)
    • RE: method getCubeInfos() not found

      Hi arnd,
      thanks for your post. I believe that I have not figured out not good enough what I need. I don't want to get information about what kind of cubes are in the database. I know the cube (e.g. cube "sales" inside of database "Demo") and I want to retrieve information like this:
      • whats the current status of the cube (saved/changed)
      • how many cells are in the cube
      • how many cells are already filled

      Reading the documentation I've found, that the method "getCubeInfos()" can provide me with these information. But I can't find this method.
      Therefore I need help to find the right way to get the needed information. There must be a way to get it, the "Palo server browser" (ipaddress:port/browser) can do it.
      Wer Fehler findet darf sie behalten ;)
    • RE: method getCubeInfos() not found

      Hi newbie,

      sorry, but this kind of information is currently not provided by the jPalo API.
      Maybe in one of the next versions. However, you can use the low level API to get this information, but I do not recommend this!!
      Anyway here is a short snippet which might work:

      Source Code

      1. PaloServer server = PaloFactory.getInstance().createServerConnection(host, port, PaloServer.TYPE_HTTP, 10000);
      2. DbConnection conn = server.connect();
      3. if(conn.login(usr, pass)) {
      4. DatabaseInfo demo = getDemo(conn.getDatabases());
      5. CubeInfo sales = getSales(conn.getCubes(demo));
      6. dumpInfos(sales);
      7. }

      getDemo() and getSales() simply look for the wanted database/cube by name. And dumpInfos() just print outs the cube infos...