Palo API and Palo Supervision Server

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  • Interesting.

    What I want to achieve is, let say:

    I make an additional excel addin which willl be stand side by side with Palo addin, and as initial phase, my user do login by using Palo addin through modeller, and when my user do that, I want to show my user's username on my addin.

    I know I can catch these events by Supervisionserver, but then how can I send this piece of information to my addin ?

    At the moment, one solution that crosses on my mind is by doing socket programming, but that would be a bunch of efforts, is there any other solutions that would be much simpler and easier to achieve ?
  • Ok now I have implemented my need by using socket programming, and it works awesome, but unfortunately the problem is not finish yet.

    another issue that I face at the moment is, the function OnUserLogin on file is only fired once for each login event from each user's account.

    so for the first login event from admin user account, the event is catched by supervision server, but the second, the third and so on and so forth are ignored, but for another login event from another user account, it will be catched but the same thing like before only the first occurance that is catched.

    Does anyone know any solutions for this problem ?

    By the way:

    I am using
    - Windows Vista
    - Microsoft Excel 2007
    - Palo Server 2.5
    - Palo Supervision Server 1.0


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