batch import dimensions *WITH* attributes

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    • batch import dimensions *WITH* attributes

      Hi all,

      time to give something back for all the good input I read here!

      With the included ETL-Server Project you can import (create, add, ...) whole dimensions.

      From the comment:

      Imports (Dimension-)Hierarchies from tables with 4-columns.

      First Element is the (unique) name of the Element of the Dimension.
      The next two elements are the english and german Attributes.
      The weight is hardcoded as 1.
      The forth is the (optional) parent element.

      Look at the job defintions! The default is add to the dimension

      You might want to change the format of the hierarchyfile (connection)
      If you do not have an attributes cube for the dimension it is created.
      The attribute namesare hardcoded in the "hierarchy_pipe".
      Change them to suit your needs.

      on Windows:

      Source Code

      1. etlclient -p ./ew/load_hierarchy.xml -c h_file=c:/zzz/geodimension.txt dimension=geo

      As a bonus you will find the two-letter ISO Codes for earth's countries as a test case.

      Looking forward to your feedback,


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