[Beginner] Supervision Server

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  • [Beginner] Supervision Server

    Hi All

    I have installed supervision server in my system, the installation is done very well, and the server also working perfectly, but then I try to customize my supervision server behaviour, I would like to change its default behaviour for its onuserlogin event

    Therefore I change the routines which are resided in the function OnUserLogin from sep.inc.default.php file.

    I change:
    sep_log("<< User logged in: $username >>");

    sep_log("<< Hello world >>");

    but the changes is never being applied, I have restarted the service several times but it does not give me any effects, still in the log file is always written "..<< User logged in: XXX >>"

    Is there anyone who had similar experience ?

  • RE: [Beginner] Supervision Server


    Now it work like I expect, I have my "Hello World" now in my log file. this happened after I restart Palo Server Service, but this times I restart it not through the Palo Server Manager but from computer service in control panel.