subsets vs dimensions

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  • subsets vs dimensions

    Hi all,

    I wonder what is the best way to implement a calendar in a cube.

    Possiblility 1:
    Create Dimension Calendar as a Tree with elements and subelements (year, quarter, month, day, hour).
    Create Subsets from Calendar using hierarchy filter (Subset Year, Month, Hour for example).


    Possiblility 2:
    Create Dimension Year (year, quarter), create Dimension Month(month, day) and create Dimension Hour(hour).

    As we know it is very difficult to change a running MOLAP schema, so it is more important to know how to develop a cube.

    Regarding performance, efficiency and usability I would like to know your experiences...

    Hope that everybody is interested..

  • this is what i have done based on the palo demo database

    dimension months (year, h1-h2, qtr1-qtr4, 1-12)
    dimension year (1980 - 2009)

    i have also added the following
    dimension day (sunday - saturday)
    dimension days (month, 1 - 31)

    not sure if this is the best method - but looks easier to manage and also easier to make comparison year-on-year, month-on-month, or day-on-day. the day of the week as i need to know whether it is a working day or otherwise.