variables in connect string

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    • variables in connect string

      has someone have luck in using variables in the connect string to ETL-server?

      Source Code

      1. <connection name="Navision" type="sqlserver">
      2. <host>${sqlserver}</host>
      3. <port>1433</port>
      4. <database>${database}</database>
      5. <user>${benuttser}</user>
      6. <password>${password}</password>
      7. </connection>


      etlclient -v ./ew/load_Navision_data.xml -c benuttser=ich password=secret
      2009-04-20 17:31:23,245 INFO [main] ( - Parameters: -v ./ew/load_Navision_data.xml -c benuttser=ich password=secret

      2009-04-20 17:31:23,901 INFO [main] ( - Starting data retrieval from source findata
      2009-04-20 17:31:24,245 ERROR [main] ( - Failed to configure pipline findata_pipe: Failed to connect to datasource findata in context default: Failed to open Relational connection Navision with URL jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1433;database=Panorama_test;responseBuffering=adaptive;. Please check your connection specification. Fehler bei der Anmeldung f³r den Benutzer ''.

      When I hardcode (the right) defaults into the source it works...

      a BUG?