Linux ini-file not read?

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  • Linux ini-file not read?


    i have a entwicklung.ini in /etc/palo and want to start palo with

    palo -i /etc/palo/entwicklung.ini &

    i always get the error

    ERROR: cannot change into directory './Data'

    as if the ini file is not read ...

    This works:

    Source Code

    1. palo -d /var/palo/entwicklung -h 7767 -o /var/log/palo/entwicklung.log -t /usr/local/share/doc/palo/Api


    # ini-file für die Entwicklungsdatenbank

    # KEINE relativen Verzeichnisse, sondern die unten angegebenen
    chdir false

    data-directory /var/palo/entwicklung

    verbose info
    log /var/log/palo/entwicklung.log

    template-directory /usr/local/share/doc/palo/Api

    # man beachte den Port!
    admin 7766
    #http 7768

    # die Nutzer sollen sich einloggen

    having the chdir in the file or not does not make a difference...

    Any ideas?