Installation Palo BI Suite 3.0 Community Version

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  • Linux Enterprise

    The Linux Enterprise version includes:

    ETL-client 1.3
    ETL-Server 1.3
    Palo 3.0 Addin+Server
    Palo 3.0 Server palo_3_0.tar.bz2
    Supervision Server svs20081124.tgz
    Worksheet-Server 2

    with licenses or hints how to get them for Supervision Server and Worksheet-Server 2 and the Excel WSS Designer.
    You need Excel for the Worksheet-Server 2!

    All manuals (some german) with installation instructions are included.
    You need very thorough linux sysadmin knowledge to get the whole suite working.

    Be aware that the Linux FHS is not heeded. So lot of manual work if you want/need to work the Linux way (see
  • as far as I have "heard" it:
    the windows community version will be "compile yourself" just like on linux - but not that easy to get it right IMO and you need non free Microsoft tools.

    the windows server (Palo) is free/GPL

    The Excel Addin is closed source but free (In the windows edition up to yesterday). I doubt the source will show up on sourceforge...

    I have not checked the actual trial licence as of today - so there could be some changes (highly unlikely for the server because of GPL but Jedox could change the license for later versions as I found no community input in the sources ...)

    Some readers here: What does "trial" mean? Any change in license?
  • Hi,

    I was wondering about the same point: does "trial" mean that the license (physically or legally) expires after 30 days unless we buy a key (or similar) from Jedox?

    I agree about the fact that, due to GPL license, the olap server (at least version 3) should remain free, but what about the Excel add-in, that is however an essential component in a lot of solutions? Will it remain free in the current version, and an enhanced commercial version will come out? In this case, will it possible to buy it without buying the whole enterprise version? Etc...

    And what about the minimal package "Excel add-in + LOCAL server"? "Local" sounds so lefty...

    I clearly understand that Jedox has to make money to live and further develop his products, and that support-only revenues may not be sufficient, but I also think that they should be transparent about product evolution/roadmap, if not from a technical/functional standpoint at least from the legal one. Recent events (MS dropped his PerformancePoint product and the customers that invested on it were not so happy...) have shown how important these aspects are.

    Any clarification from Jedox or informed users will be welcome!!


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  • I can't find the community version on the SourceForce site, only the original version of the V3 Palo Server and Client (March). Anybody have a link to it?

    Also mentioned on the press release was the availability of the Palo V3 suite on Amazon EC2, searched the public instances, again no sign.

  • Well some info from Jedox is VERY MUCH needed here.

    You can't go changing things of this magnitude without explaining properly what the changes mean unless you want to lose the trust of all the people who have come along with you this far.

    I'll look forward to someone from Jedox explaining in detail about how this new world works.
    Best wishes

    John Hobson
    The Planning Factory, Lytham, UK
  • The sources in are not complete seems to be missing various bits and pieces for example...

    ini_set('include_path', '.' . PATH_SEPARATOR . $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/../lib');

    ... the html_ajax folder is empty.

    UPDATE: Got a bit further by fetching the HTML_AJAX php package and with bit of hacking managed to at least bring up the login screen and login to Palo, to be hit by another HTML AJAX problem. But with time the problems are solvable but lets hope a complete build or at least build instructions are provided before that.

    Nevertheless well done everyone at Jedox.


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  • Hello all,
    some info on what is available and how it's pieced together. The community edition of sourceforge includes:
    - the server components of Palo OLAP Server (2.5 source so far, 3.0 to follow soon) and Palo ETL Server
    - the Palo Olap Server clients: the Excel AddIn (which before was free, but not open source) and OpenOffice Calc Addin as well as jPalo
    - the Palo ETL Server clients: the command line clients as well as the Web GUI
    - the Source code for Worksheet-Server 3 GUI component

    But - please note: the Worksheet-Server 3 consists of a GUI and a Core component. The Core itself is not (yet!) in the sourceforge repository, so WSS3 will not run yet.
  • @Pommie

    I do not think much has changed so far.

    The only better things I see:
    There is an _initial_ checkin for the Excel client (.net-sources very Excel and MS specific - but that is an oxymoron) and the licence is GPL!

    Very nice Jedox!

    The Olap sources though still look to me like the 2.5 sources:
    The readme talks 1.5, the diffs say "no changes" and the commit logs talk about "adjusting to the new directory structure".
  • Well what has changed seems to be that unless you are propeller headed IT whizz kid the free version just became rather hard to install ! :P

    I've downloaded it and haven't got a clue what to do with it.

    It's very appropriate that one of the files in the package is called config.guess :D

    Any chance of some instructions on how to install the community version in Windows guys?
    Best wishes

    John Hobson
    The Planning Factory, Lytham, UK
  • What is available on Sourceforge is the source code of these applications. To get them to run, you need to compile / build the binary and library files.

    A more detailed instruction will probably available later on (maybe one of the IT whizz kids of the forum can slap something together quickly ;) ).

    For the Palo OLAP server, a client+server setup will be available for download in the future as well.
  • OK - having downloaded the enterprise package it seems to contain evaluation versions of worksheet server, excel designer and supervision server along with an unrestricted version of PALO.

    What threw me earlier was the fact that on the website it suggests that the whole package is an evaluation.

    Palo BI Suite 3.0 Windows Enterprise Version (30-day trial version)

    Am I right in assuming that the version of Palo included here is in fact free of any licence restriction and will continue to function normally after 30 days?
    Best wishes

    John Hobson
    The Planning Factory, Lytham, UK