Rights of "viewer" and "editor" roles may not correctly loaded

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    • Rights of "viewer" and "editor" roles may not correctly loaded

      Hi all,
      I am using the mayWrite and mayRead methods of RightImpl class as follows:

      Source Code

      1. private boolean mayRead(Element element) {
      2. final Connection connection = getConnectionFromSession();
      3. final RightsImpl rightsImpl = (RightsImpl) connection.getContext().getRights();
      4. final Boolean mayRead = rightsImpl.mayRead(element);
      5. return mayRead;
      6. }

      If I login as "admin" or "poweruser", which have the "D" right ( a higher right as Read ("R")), the function returns "true".

      The problem happens when I use the "editor" or the "viewer" roles. The method then returns always "false", despite of that these two roles have the RightObject of "dimension element" set to "R", which means they are allowed to read the elements.

      Do anyone have any idea about that?

      Thanks in adnavce.

      Kind Regards
    • Unfortunately, the palo server does not allow a user to read his rights, if he doesn't have access rights on the system cubes and databases. Thus, the call to mayRead(...) returns false, because neither the viewer nor the editor have permission to read system databases. AFAIK, the palo server doesn't support this (yet).