[JPalo] connexion to MS SQL Server

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  • [JPalo] connexion to MS SQL Server

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to use JPalo Web Palo with MS SQL Server, and I do not know how to make both work together.
    There is so little documentation on the Internet for JPalo that I did not find anything linked to this topic.

    I tried to change the settings in the "palo.properties" file as this:

    # Here is an example of using xmla-connection to Analysis Services 2005
    server3.dispname=name of my MS SQL Server
    server3.url=url of the server

    but this does not work.

    If you could help me, I would be very thankful!!
  • Thank you for answering, but the fact is I have no "doc" folder...

    I hope we are talking about JPalo Web-Palo, and I have the same version as you. Mine is "PaloWebClient_2.0.0.414_JPA_214".
    Do you have the same?

    Has someone succeded in connecting SQL Server to Jpalo?

    Thank you!
  • yes you have reason...the doc is in ETL but otherwise, sorry

    I have the same than you..with apache and the web-etl.war in apps, no?

    I have a sql connection and I don't change this settings.

    I have a odbc connection type in "connections", in the Database cell put the name of the odbc, try it..i try whith type sqlserver but i have problems

    In the source I put SQL type and "Connection" to the name that are create before in "connections".

    I don't have problems.
  • Hi, and thank you for helping me.

    I do not understand when you say "I have a odbc connection type in "connections"", as I have no "connection" variable or class or I don't know what anywhere.

    "in the Database cell put the name of the odbc": Which Database? I cannot connect to any database...

    "In the source I put SQL type": do you mean you have the source code? What is that source? I do not have any source, we may not talk about the same thing, are we?

    Anyway, I give the error message I have in the Eclipse console:
    public abstract com.tensegrity.palowebviewer.modules.paloclient.client.XObject[] com.tensegrity.palowebviewer.modules.engine.client.IEngineService.loadChildren(com.tensegrity.palowebviewer.modules.paloclient.client.misc.XPath,int) throws com.tensegrity.palowebviewer.modules.engine.client.exceptions.InvalidObjectPathException' threw an unexpected exception: com.tensegrity.palojava.PaloException: Not enough information to create ServerInfo!!

    I can understand this error, but I do not understand how to solve it...

    Once again, many thanks to you!
  • Sorry, i'm sayin paloetl_webapp_1.3.2.314_JPA_214.zip and you say palowebclient i'm confused, but i have palowebclient too and i work with them via web, with apache server, but i only have a Palo database not sql, with paloetl_webapp_1.3.2.314_JPA_214.zip i have a connection with sql but with the other no...sorry