Palo OLAP Server 3.0 and Palooca

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  • Palo OLAP Server 3.0 and Palooca

    I did install the Palo OLAP Server 3.0 out of the Enterprise Edition Download Zip as a stand alone version. The service ist working as well as the access on the demo database via Open Office 3.1.0 and PalOOCA.

    The only thing which I am missing so far is the Palo Service Mananger symbol on the task bar. Is there a possibility to install this symbol now belated? I would like to see the server status.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Hello,

    thank you for your very fast response.

    I did run the setup program for the Palo OLAP Server dircectly out of the ZIP file. I did run only the setup program for the Palo OLAP Server. I couldn´t run the setup file for the Palo Addin Server because I do not have Excel. I neither run the setup file for the ETL Server, nor the Worksheet Server nor the Supervision Server.

    Right now there is only the Palo-Server directory in the Jedex path containing the Palo application, the paloserver.dll, the palo Symbol and the uninstall files. Further on an API and a LOG directory. There is no Manager.Exe in the Jedox directory.

    Do I need to run any of the other installation programs too?
  • Do I need to run any of the other installation programs too?

    I think so - you could also run the attached file. No virus today ...

    Either my upload was not finished - but definitely the download does not work for me ...

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  • I have written a short guide for anyone who wants to install Palo, PalOOCa on Ubuntu Linux 9.04. I did this on Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix, on Acer Aspire1 n280 Intel Atom, 2GB RAM.…ntu-904-netbook-remix.htm

    The concept for installing PalOOCa will probably be about the same for any other operating system (linux, windows, freebsd). The method especially on installing the Java runtime will be different.
  • RE: Palo OLAP Server 3.0 and Palooca

    The PalOOCa Project enables you with a complete Open Source MOLAP-Stack for flexible,quick and intuitive Office-based Business Intelligence. It provides an extension for Calc which provides both, read and write, access to data from within the Open Source OLAP Server Palo via Calc.
    The book based on OLAP will be a helpful option for you.The book is available on Amazon & you can buy an e-book directly from the publisher by writing
  • autostart on ubuntu

    I am working with WSS3/Palo on Ubuntu 9.04. I am using only Palo with Palooca.
    I tried to make WSS3 autostart but this fails. I made a script in etc/init.d and then a link in rc3.d. Nothing happens. Making a Link in rc2.d starts the script but the palo server is not rechable.
    Is there anyone who solved this ?