Problems after update to 3.0 20090512

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  • Problems after update to 3.0 20090512


    I was using Palo 3.0 installed from After updating to the latest version (which seems to be a minor update as not even the version number has changed) I experienced several problems with enterprise rules. Some rules like

    ['All Quarters','Probability'] = C:AVERAGE(['All Quarters Avg','Probability'])
    ('All Quarters' and 'All Quarters Avg' consolidate the same elements Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)

    are not executed anymore (I see consolidated values), another rule fails when executing (producing #NULL)

    ['Material Quota'] = IF(['Turnover'] != 0,['Material Costs'] / ['Turnover'],0)

    the two parts (IF and division) work independently but not when used together.
    After switching back to the 20090331 release, the rules work again. Have there been any important changes in the new release?