WSSAjax Error

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  • WSSAjax Error

    4 of us having been using WSS 3.0 Beta Linux Community Edition to design worksheets concurrently using the same admin ID.

    After every 1 hour we get the following error.

    ERROR: Unable to instantiate class WSSAjax:
    SoapFault exception: [HTTP] Could not connect to host in /htdocs/app/docroot/cc/rpc_soap.php:143 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: SoapClient->__doRequest('__call('execute', Array) #2 /htdocs/app/docroot/cc/rpc_soap.php(143): SoapClient->execute(Array) #3 [internal function]: WSS_SOAP->__call('execute', Array) #4 /htdocs/app/docroot/cc/v1.5/WSSAjax.php(1742): WSS_SOAP->execute('[["susl","en_US...', 0) #5 /htdocs/app/docroot/cc/v1.5/WSSAjax.php(103): WSSAjax->exec('[["susl","en_US...') #6 /htdocs/app/docroot/cc/wss_preload.php(145): WSSAjax->__construct(Array) #7 {main}

    Current solution is to stopserver and startserver.

    Anyone else having the same problem ?