SetDataMulti and DataSetMulti using C#

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  • SetDataMulti and DataSetMulti using C#

    Good Day

    I am looking for examples or information on
    using SetDataMulti and DataSetMulti using C#

    Currently I am doing this - which is not fully correct as it doen not compile:

    Jedox.Palo.Comm.Connection jpc;
    jpc = new Jedox.Palo.Comm.Connection(sServer_HostName, sServer_Port, sPaloUser, sPaloPassword);
    Jedox.Palo.Comm.DataSetMulti dsm = new Jedox.Palo.Comm.DataSetMulti();
    dsm.Coordinates = new string[]{sYear,sMonth, sInvoice,"Rate"};
    dsm.Value.d = double.Parse(dr[20].ToString());


    cannot convert from 'Jedox.Palo.Comm.DataSetMulti' to 'Jedox.Palo.Comm.DataSetMulti[]'

    The best overloaded method match for 'Jedox.Palo.Comm.Connection.SetDataMulti(string, string, Jedox.Palo.Comm.DataSetMulti[], Jedox.Palo.Comm.SplashMode, bool, bool)' has some invalid arguments

    Any help would be appreciated
    Thank You

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