Exporting a cube

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  • Exporting a cube

    Hello Forum,

    every time I try to export the data of my cube, I get the message "no data found". If I do a right click on the cube I can see that 5000 cells are filled. (0% of the cube)
    The first export screen lets me choose some elements to export, but I want the whole cube, so the settings stay at "All elements" for all dimensions. As next I see some kind of query dialog. If I choose "only base elements" or not, I get no export file either. Only If I unclick "ignore 0 values" I get a huge csv file.... with 0 values. I break up the 0-exporting, because I have 96*10^9 cells, with 200 Bytes per csv line I will get a 20 Terabyte file.
    The problem is similar to this thread:

    Can someone tell me how to export the values of the cube?